As a multidisciplinary graphic designer, I work across:

• project: management, time scheduling and relationship building with clients
• branding: logo design, stationery and website design
• publication: layout and print production
• communications: infographics, way finding and informational design
• boutique: invitations and custom gifts designs


Take a sneaky peek into the work tools that make up my creative workshop …

‘Carmen’ the 15” MacBook Pro Retina was a graduation present to myself. The slick and beautiful resolution of the Mac is perfect for working on multiple projects simultaneously and on the go. To compliment my Mac, the Adobe Creative Cloud should be in every graphic designer’s tool kit.

My iPhone 6 Plus is super useful for oversharing my love of design on social media and for keeping organised with …

Asana. Life changed when Asana came into the picture. I thrive on organisation and now it’s completely bliss with Asana to remember everything I don’t have time for.

Pantone Colour Books are an excellent investment for graphic designers primarily working with print. I was lucky enough to get my hands on both uncoated and coated colour bridges, solids and CMYKs for a birthday present. Along with the handy myPantone iPhone app, I definitely have all my shades covered.

‘Gotham needs you’ …. yes I like Batman, but I’m really referring to Tobias Frere-Jones’ “Helvetica” of the 21st Century – ‘Gotham’. The Gotham typeface is sturdy, masculine, legible, visually perfect and has an healthy family.

Moleskine notebooks are essential!! I have a Moleskine for everything! You never know when and where that idea will come from!

Carl Disk Cutter DC-212 Guillotine has made it easier to measure twice and cut once.

Although strictly not design related, I don’t think I could get through my week without my ‘retro’ record player and vinyl collection. I’m the proud owner of Daft Punk, Frank Sinatra, The Killers, ELO, The Beatles, Supertramp, Men at Work, U2 and (of course) Elton.

Last but definitely not least, all my wonderful design books and magazines. I do admit that I have rather an extensive (and impressive) library collection for someone my age. Some of my favourite titles include Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton, The New Typography by Jan Tschihold, anything Steven Heller, IdN magazines and anything else that I can get my hands on!


During my travels through design I came across the ah-mazing Zuzana Licko. Licko is an American typeface designer known for founding Emigre with her husband Rudy VanderLans in 1984. Her most popular typefaces include the revivals Mrs Eaves based on Baskerville and Filosofia based on Bodoni.