Team UOW China Brochure

Brochure designed for Team UOW’s entry the Illawarra Flame Australia house in the Solar Decathlon China 2013. The brochure was designed as a 6 panel, 5 fold brochure. The content was designed to educate our visitors and to be taken home for in-depth reading. The brochure gave extensive information on the architectural, landscape and technological processes of our house in both English and Mandarin. All elements in the brochure matched the team signage and integrated the entire Illawarra Flame journey and experience.

All communications material used concepts unique to the Illawarra Flame house such as it’s ability to transform a typical 1960s retro Australian fibro house into a modern, energy efficient and livable dwelling. The Illawarra Flame house also demonstrated the strength of Wollongong’s resources by the University, TAFE and local community working together. Lastly, the Illawarra Flame tree – a natural icon to the Illawarra region and used in the UOW emblem. For more, please see Team UOW Signage.

Co-creators: Chelsea Cook and Communications team.


Fiona Hudson